2018-2020 CRG

World Qualifers

Since 2017 members of the

Mist of Ireland School of Dance have qualified for the  CRG World Championships held in Dublin, Ireland.



Mist of Ireland was founded on teaching traditional Irish Dance with the value of service to others. Our dancers come from different back grounds. Not everyone who
dances is Irish. However everyone who is part of our school has the love for Irish Dance with a commitment to participate in charity events. Dancers have an
opportunity to perform and compete in Feiseanna (competition).

Our mission statement is to teach dance with tradition and service to charity.

We believe in a positive and healthy atmosphere for dancers and their families.

We offer traditional and non traditional Irish Dance Classes for dancers of all ages.

Mist of Ireland has been in existence since 2002. It started with a hand full of students and has grown to have classes in several in Southern New Jersey.  

All dancers have a chance to perform and compete in feiseanna throughout the year.   Performances and competitions are always encouraged, but never forced.

We are proud to be an associate member of the Cumann Rince Gaelach (C.R.G) and the National Folk Organization of the United States of America (NFO).